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Switch the beer barrel belly to six-pack of soda cans

Silly title, but consider this: most people don’t know how hard or easy it is to get a 6-pack because they quit prematurely, before the plan their on even has time to produce any action.

Shrink your waist and get the six-pack poking through with high intensity cardio. Such exercises crank up your metabolism even after your workout is done. This means that you body will continue to burn body fat hours after you have left the gym. This effect is almost non existent in low intensity cardio or aerobic workout. Accumulatively, your body burns up many many more calories during and after high intensity cardio exercises than lower intensive ones (like walking).

Basically all you need is a floor and your body. If you want to get an ab ball, aka stability ball, hand grips etc., that’s OK, but that’s it. The ab ball can actually help you target your abs really well, but you can do the same exercises on the floor.

Do crunches and/or sit-ups

Some people advocate crunches to get really ripped abs and some say that sit-ups are better. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what abdominal exercises you do. As long as you put some intensity into them, and you feel the burn, they will give you the rock hard abs you’re wanting.

Then the reps and sets phase

Do as many as you feel is necessary. Your body speaks to you! It will let you know when it’s had enough. But make sure you push yourself and give it your all. Remember that in order to exercise your abdominals correctly, you have to exercise your side, upper and lower abdominals. You can do this by doing side bends, crunches, reverse crunches where you raise your butt in the air instead of your shoulders, etc. Those exercises right there will give you a great workout that will have your abs showing before you know it, as long as you change your lifestyle and follow the rest of my advice.

A man and a woman look at a tablet where perhaps the /pol/ board has revealed something funny.

The goal of getting ripped stommy mainly depends upon losing weight by completing exercises that focus on the muscles in the abdominal area. There are literally dozens of such exercises including many that are meant for other major muscle groups, but that can be modified to include a workout for your abdominal muscles.

Consider leg lifts as well

That movement begins with the legs straight and the hands at your sides while lying on the floor. Lift both legs up at the same time without bending the knees until the legs are at a ninety degree angle or as close as possible to that. Not everyone is flexible enough to reach the ninety degree angle, so again: do as you can. Lower the legs as close as possible to the floor without actually touching and repeat several times. Increase the challenge of this exercise by adding weights to the legs while lifting them. Another challenging exercise for improving definition and musculature in the abdomen is to hang from a pull up bar while lifting both legs to a ninety-degree position. As with most other exercises, try to stay conscious of breathing while slowly doing the routines.

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